Application protoypes

After a long hiatus on this blog of new posts, I got links for the two views that will be on the finale version of my application, named Social Circles. The two views can be used by login in Facebook and then going to this links:

First View:
Second View:


Some links…

The Blogroll was updated with links to blogs and sites that I’ve been following for some time now. The blogs added are from the core team of Papervision3D (Carlos Ulloa, John Grden,  Ralph Hauwert, Tim Knip & Andy Zupko) and from some elements of the the commiter team, namely Seb-Lee Delisle, John Lindquist & Mark Barcinski. In addition I’ve included sites with examples and/or tutorials of Papervison3D, which also provides great resources and inspiration.

For the first post of 2009, I have some videos to show. The first video is about a new 3D interface for the desktop environment that tries to mimic and enhance the real world work spaces.

The second video is about a system that allows users to visualize social networks, namely the relationships between the users of networks. With that they can explore that network, seeing the information of it’s users and the groups that exist inside the network.

The last video is about a new calendar interface, that was built in the Human Computer Interaction Lab of the University of Maryland.

The survey

Today I’ve launched a survey that will help me answer, at least get some insights, on what do users think about the interface of facebook. One more thing that the survey will do is show if users have used a 3D web interface to view the content of a site, and what they think about it.

The link for the survey is the following:

The Beginning…

This post marks the beginning of me blogging about the progresses made and the tribulations that occur on the development of my master’s project. I’ll do my best to update the site as often as possible, so anyone can read about what’s happening on the project and hopefully find the papers that will be posted interesting.